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For your convenience, click here to access a PDF version of all the information listed below.

What to do BEFORE New Student Orientation:

  • Access the online system (beginning February 11, 2019) to reserve a date to attend New Student Orientation
    • After reserving your date, check your email regularly for a confirmation of your date, program reminders, and other helpful information
  • Claim your Network ID
    • Your Network ID number is your university-wide login information, which you will use to register for classes, access your Bursar account, and take care of other items. Your Network ID is SIU, followed by your 9 digit Dawg Tag number (siu85xxxxxxx), and you will need to set your password.
  • Log on to SalukiNet and take your Math Placement Test
    • The Math Placement Test is required to be placed into the appropriate math course
    • For questions and instructions, visit the Math Placement website
  • Take the Foreign Language Placement Test
    • Get credit for what you know, and find the right class for you.
    • Information on language credit and placement can be found here: languages.siu.edu/placement
  • Download & Complete the Immunization Compliance Form to submit all immunization information
  • Complete your Housing Contract
    • A Housing Contract is needed to reside on campus
    • For more housing information, visit the University Housing Webpage or call them at (618) 453-2301
  • Visit the Financial Aid website or call their office at (618) 453-4334 to finalize all financial aid details
  • Submit an official copy of your final transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions to avoid any registration holds
  • Confirm all lodging and travel information to attend New Student Orientation
  • Update photo and preferred name for your student ID.
    • Upload a photo for your Student ID. ID photos must be submitted and approved by the ID office at least 5 business days prior to New Student Orientation in order to pick up your ID at New Student Orientation. If you do not submit a photo in advance or it is not approved, you can get your ID at a later time.
    • If you use a preferred first name (other than the name listed on your official SIU records), log into SalukiNet and search “Preferred Name”. You will be able to submit a request to have your first name changed to your preferred name on select SIU records, including your student ID. The process for your preferred name request to be updated in the system so it can be printed on your student ID may take up to 5 days. If your preferred first name is not updated by the time you come to New Student Orientation, you can get your student ID at a later time.
  • Visit the New Student Programs website for additional information and a list of what to bring to Orientation!

What to do DURING New Student Orientation:

New Student Orientation is a full one-day program for students and families to familiarize themselves with their new university! This program is aimed to help students and families make sure they are prepared for this exciting transition!

  • Academic Advisement: Students will register for classes and obtain their class schedule. 
  • Housing: Students who have not yet completed their Housing Contract or need further assistance with Housing will have the opportunity to do so and ask questions.
  • Financial Aid and Bursar (payment): Receive critical information about paying for college, financial aid, and managing your finances while in school. Students and families will have the opportunity to ask questions and finalize all financial aid and payment details.
  • College Welcome: Students and families attend a welcome with the student’s specific academic college. Learn about opportunities for involvement and success in the student’s particular major and career field.
  • Campus & Housing Tours: New Student Programs will offer tours for students and families to get to know campus. Walking and tram tours of campus will be provided, as well as tours of the residence halls.
  • Resource Fair: Explore some of what SIU has to offer by meeting with university staff and campus departments
  • Student ID: Students who previously submitted an approved ID photo may receive their student ID, which is vital for accessing most services on campus. *A State ID, U.S. Driver’s License, Passport, or Military ID is required in order to get your SIU student ID. Students who are unable to get their student ID at New Student Orientation will be able to pick it up during Saluki Startup.
  • SIU Technology: Students will learn how to use and navigate SalukiNet, MyCourses & SIU email
  • Family members & guests are encouraged to attend various family/guest sessions on topics such as student health & wellness, campus safety, first-generation students, Q&A panels with faculty/staff and students, Carbondale resources, and much more!
  • Students meet other new and returning students and learn about the traditions and pride of being a Saluki!
  • Family members & guests learn about the Saluki Family Association & can sign up for the Saluki Family Newsletter by providing contact information!

What to do AFTER New Student Orientation:

  • Download the MySIU app. This will be your main source of information for events at SIU during New Student Orientation, Saluki Startup, Weeks of Welcome, and the rest of the year.
  • Visit University Housing’s Packing List and begin packing for your big move to Southern Illinois University!
    • If you or your family need to stay in town when you move to Carbondale in August, book your hotel rooms now!
  • Set up a payment plan with the Bursar’s Office.
  • Finalize your class schedule and any registration tasks you were not able to complete during New Student Orientation. Once your class schedule is complete, reserve your textbooks and course materials with the University Bookstore.
  • Check SalukiNet to manage your class schedule, plan your finances, and check the “Must Do” list for important items you need to address right away.
  • Check your SIU email address. Your email address will be automatically generated approximately 24 hours after you register for classes. Access it through SalukiNet, the Office 365 link on the SIU homepage, or https://office.siu.edu/ Your SIU email address is the primary way SIU will contact you, so check regularly for important updates.
  • Sign up for your FREE iGrad account to build a solid financial foundation for your future.