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New Student Orientation is required for new freshmen and strongly recommended for new transfer students. Attending one of our New Student Orientation events is the best way to ensure you start college right. If attending a spring or summer New Student Orientation is not possible for you, please contact our office at or 618/453-1000 to see if you qualify for one of the options below.

Alternative Orientation

Alternative Orientation is a phone/web-based program providing the key information you need for a successful start to your academic career at SIU. Alternative Orientation is only recommended for transfer students. Freshmen with extreme circumstances which prevent them from attending one of the full-day NSO programs (military commitments, students living abroad) may be granted an exception to participate in Alternative Orientation instead of a traditional New Student Orientation. Contact New Student Programs at or 618/453-1000 to request Alternative Orientation. A staff member will schedule a time for a New Student Orientation staff member to do a one-on-one webinar-style orientation with you.

Make-up New Student Orientation

New Student Programs will provide a make-up New Student Orientation session during Saluki Startup (August 16-18). The make-up New Student Orientation will be an abbreviated program and you will need to take care of many items (academic advisement and registration, housing contract, financial aid) in advance. This program is only recommended for those students who are admitted to the university after New Student Orientation programs are finished, students living abroad, or students with military commitments which prevent them from attending one of the full-day NSO programs.

Do Not Delay 

Do not wait until the fall semester begins to finalize important details for your enrollment at SIU.